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Commercial Doors - SmartTec

UPVC / Aluminum Doors

  • Industrial work places including Warehouses & Logistics parks have specific door requirements based on function and area of application.
  • Today, Industrial doors are available with various features including access control, remote management and automation, which can be periodically upgraded.
  • At SmartTec, we build doors to meet the emerging industrial needs with cutting edge technological features.
  • SmartTec bring unparalleled energy efficiency, long-lasting reliability, proven performance with almost a negligible cost of maintenance.
  • All products are made to EN standards and meet International requirements of Safety and Security.
  • Designed and built for high-performance scenarios, the doors are made to deliver to the highest quality, with customization options to suit the requirements of various industries.
  • SmartTec is Gujarat’s one stop solution for all Industrial door requirements!
UPVC / Aluminum Doors
UPVC / Aluminum Doors Manufacturer

Auto Glass Doors

  • Automatic Sliding Glass Doors are solutions devised to meet the modern requirements of interior design.
  • They smartly enhance the look of commercial areas and work environments. These are ideal for office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, hotels, restaurants, conferences and others.
  • SmartTec offers a complete range of automatic systems for sliding pedestrian doors (single leaf, double leaf, telescopic).
  • Maximum clear opening available up to 5000 mm & Height up to 4000mm.
  • Models suitable for door weight ranging from 40 kg up to 350 kg each leaf.
  • Provision for breakaway anti panic system, backup battery, electromechanical lock, photocells for safety
  • Provision for interfacing with P.C. for management and control of multiple installations.
  • Intelligent microprocessor based control unit provides a wide range of functions like manual / automatic, one / two ways, total / partial opening, night mode.
Glass Door Manufacturer
Glass Door Supplier
Glass Door in India
Glass Door in Gujarat

Pressed Steel Doors

  • General Doors are the most preferred choice for numerous commercial and industrial establishments due to their advanced safety and security features..
  • Ideal for office entrances, factories, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels and other application areas, these doors are low on maintenance and high on aesthetics.
  • Manufactured with highest standards of quality parameters, these eco-friendly doors have developed a reputation for functionality and long lasting durability.
  • Factory-finished with polyurethane paint, these doors come in a wide range of finishing.
  • All products are made to EN standards and meet International requirements of Safety and Security
  • Elegant design made from durable polyester PVC sheet and customize installations make our doors adaptable to any context and requirements.
Hmps Door
Hmps Door Manufacturer

Clean Sliding Doors

  • Air-Tight Seal: Hermetic sliding doors are designed to create a tight seal when closed, preventing the exchange of air between different areas. This feature is crucial in environments where maintaining specific air pressures and preventing the spread of contaminants are critical.
  • Automatic Operation: Many hermetic sliding doors are automated, equipped with sensors that detect movement or touch-free activation systems. This hands-free operation minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and ensures ease of use, especially in medical settings where hygiene is paramount.
Clean Sliding Doors
Clean Sliding Doors Manufacturer
Clean Sliding Doors Supplier
High Speed Doors Manufacturer
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