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Partition PUF Panels

Clean Room Wall Panel Manufacturer

Clean room PU (polyurethane) panels are a type of panel used in the construction of clean rooms, which are controlled environments that are used in a variety of industries, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, and food processing. Clean room PU panels are made from polyurethane foam, which provides excellent insulation and thermal performance, as well as excellent resistance to moisture and bacteria. Maintaining indoor temperatures.

Panel thickness available 50mm, 60mm, 80mm, 100mm, 120mm
Panel width available 1060mm
Top sheet thickness 0.6/0.8
Surface coating Pre Painted/Powder Coated/Fire Rated Paint
Infill PUF/Rockwool/EPS/PIR/Honey Comb Paper
Length Customized
Width 1.16
Color As per Requirement
Partition PUF Panels Manufacturer
Partition PUF Panels Supplier
Partition PUF Panels Exporter

Clean Room Ceiling Panel

The aluminum grid system Line 55A is ideal for use in clean room areas where flush mountings, a minimum number of joints, and walk ability and simultaneously low visible width are the most important features of a ceiling. The system can be optionally equipped with an FDA-compliant silicone hose seal.

  • GMP-compliant design
  • low weight
  • easily and fast to install
  • efficient solution at low cost
  • clip-in / fold-down function
Clean Room Ceiling Panel

Clean Room Flooring

SmartTec designs and provides a specific supply and installation service, with specialized personnel, for floorings in clean rooms and controlled contamination environments. Various solutions according the specific project requirements: PVC, LVT, or resin floorings. All the products supplied meet all requirements of ISO standards and GMP standards and reduce the risk of contamination from volatile particles, which would compromise production. The floor solutions mainly used in our projects to complete the clean room can be: in PVC or epoxy resin.

Clean Room Ceiling Panel Manufacturer

Clean Room Lighting

We create our lighting system LED panels specifically designed to ensure uniformity in light diffusion in just a few millimeters of thickness.

The lighting fixture we propose has a protection rating of IP54 or IP65. The installation of the LED points on the perimeter of the lamp guarantees a homogeneous luminous beam (130°angle) with a diffusing lens. The perimeter frame is made from anodized aluminum which is then powder-coated.

Clean Room Ceiling Panel Supplier
High Speed Doors Manufacturer
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