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Telescopic Sliding Gate - SmartTec

Telescopic Sliding Gate Manufacturers

  • SmartTec Telescopic Sliding Gate is an ideal solution where a single side sliding arrangement is not possible due to very less space or no run-back. SmartTec Telescopic Sliding Gates are manufactured in two, three or more gate panels reducing the required back / run space.
  • Telescopic sliding gates are designed & fabricated by square or rectangle hollow pipes along with ms sheets joint by high quality welding, with robust automation system and advanced intelligent control system having better operation, functioning and looks.
  • SmartTec’s automatic telescopic sliding gates are perfect suit to industries with medium to heavy duty applications and for very large openings. Our telescopic sliding gate is operated by specially designed telescopic mechanism that moves each gate panel at a different speed to reach final position simultaneously
  • SmartTec is leading Gate Manufacturer in India that satisfies the highest standard of safety using state-of-the art and resourceful engineering technology.
  • Our skilled and experienced engineers are capable of manufacturing and installing Telescopic Sliding Gates keeping in mind international standards. Innovations in our manufacturing processes helped us to produce sliding gates at a cost-effective price.
Telescopic Sliding Gate
Telescopic Sliding Gate Manufacturer
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