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Fire Rated Rolling Shutter and Door - SmartTec

Fire Rated Rolling Shutter and Door Manufacturers

  • SMART TEC offers all ranges of Fire Shutters
  • Quality material used limiting amount of dirt and dust inside manufacturing premises
  • Range for compact application up to 7000mm
  • Both ranges can be specified with “integrity” fire protection from:
    1. 60 minutes = E60
    2. 120 minutes = E120
    3. 240 minutes = E240
  • A standard range of powder coat finishes are available.
  • Classification of fire performance in accordance with BS EN 1351-2:2016.Extended application in accordance with BS EN 15269-10:201
  • SMART TEC Fire Shutter Doors provide a defense against the spread of fire and can be used as a security door on a day to day basis.
  • All systems come with an audio / visual alarm control panel; this takes the alarm signal from the mains alarm system, or localized detectors, and performs its closing protocols. In the event of power outage, the system is backed up with its UPS or a self-release solenoid (dependent on the type of motor employed). This ensures closure is not jeopardized by loss of power.
  • The control panel comes with numerous other features including timer delay, 2-stage closure, and is fully programmable pre-or post-installation.
  • Tested Report Number WF396695 –BS EN 1634-1:2014
fire rated rolling shutter and door manufacturers
fire rated rolling shutter and door

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