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Cantilever Sliding Gate - SmartTec

Cantilever Sliding Gate Manufacturers

  • SmartTec’s Cantilever Sliding Gate is an ideal solution where the road ways are uneven or where the no obstruction is required in the roadways.
  • Cantilever sliding gates are manufactured using ms square or rectangle hollow pipe, square bars, flats, ms sheet, also all these materials available in ss-304,316 & aluminum sections with robust gate motor and advanced intelligent control system having better operation, functioning and looks
  • Automatic cantilever sliding gates are perfect suit to industries with high traffic or heavy vehicle areas as they are only supported at one end and are designed to operate without the need for a surface mounted track across driveway.
  • Some of the notable features of SmartTec’s sliding gates are -convenient, safer, more functional, extremely durable, and improve visual appeal.
  • Cantilever slide gates are built larger than the gate opening they are designed to close, often as much as 50% larger than their respective openings
  • Elegant design made from durable polyester PVC sheet and customize installations make our doors adaptable to any context and requirements.
Cantilever Sliding Gate Manufacturers
Cantilever Sliding Gate Manufacturers in India
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